Johann Klomann – Certified Public Accountant and Community Enthusiast

A Flagstaff local since the age of two, Johanna has developed deep roots in the community, a trait reflected in both her professional and personal life. Married since 1999 in a bond that blossomed during her teenage years, she is a proud parent of two children. Her family’s commitment to excellence is highlighted as her eldest is currently employed at her firm while pursuing a degree in Accountancy.

Johanna is an esteemed alumna of Northern Arizona University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2002. Her academic excellence paved the way for her to receive her CPA license in 2006, a significant milestone in her flourishing career.

Her professional journey is marked not just by her expertise in accountancy but also by her passion for community service. A fervent animal lover, Johanna dedicates her time to fostering kittens, providing them with care and affection until they find their forever homes.

Music has always been a cornerstone in her life. A former active choir member at Flagstaff High School, she continues to indulge her musical talents by serving on the worship team at her local church, contributing her skills to create an uplifting and spiritual environment.

Johanna’s blend of professional acumen, commitment to her family, love for animals, and musical talent makes her a distinguished figure in her field and her community.

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